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tVNS vagus therapy has started in our first pediatric resistant epilepsy patient in Turkey

tVNS Türkiye Vagus Sinir Nöromodulasyonu

tVNS Nemos, that has improved the quality of life , in more than 3000 patients with epilepsy in the world since 2012, was has been applied to the first pediatric resistant epilepsy patient in Turkey last week.

tVNS Nemos, which is the size of a mobile phone, stimulates the ear branch of the vagus nerve with the help of a special electrode headset, reduce the frequency and severity of epilepsy seizures by providing vagus nerve stimulation without the need for any invasive intervention and placement of a device in the body as a result of a total of 4 hours of sessions applied every day.

As tVNS Turkey, we aim to reach patients who are suitable for tVNS vagus stimulation therapy and to increase the quality of life of our epilepsy patients.

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